I need help with this mess!

Okay...my hair is like a mix of 3a and 3b curl types i think... because ive got really tight curls but also some loose ones......But, lately i cant do anything with my hair and im so confused. I think its because i have wore my hair up so much lately, but when i wear it down my hair will not look right at all.... my roots look stringy and disgusting.....I dont think its dry because i use conditioners and oils and everything like that, but i just dont even know.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~A few hours later~~I put a hot oil  treatment on my hair and then co washed  and it helped some... but the back of my hair is still really really awful....Is there anything i could do to fix the back of it.... its like flat...and stringy....and i think i need a hair cut bad, to like reshape it or something...ANY ADVICE PLEASE!

1 Answer

hi I've just started my hair journey and have 3b hair - I have colour damage which by looking at your hair and reading your statement looks and sounds like you have too -I've been using the Palmers protein treatment each week - once a week- and deep conditioning - I also do an oil treatment over night and then I Co wash once a week - how do you let your hair dry? I had my hair cut as I felt I had no shape but tbh it doesn't really matter to much when you are in recovery I think it would work better when the hair is healthier - I'm cutting the colour out off my hair gradually which seems to work for me - I've recently seen a link on here about the aphogee product so I'm going to try that - also to get my curls popping I use the cantu curl activator - which worked wonders I also don't use to much product on my hair as it weighs it down - there are a lot off helpful videos on you tube and on here but be mindful as your hair is your hair so you need to play with products and find a system which works for you as many girls seem to use excessive amount of products I found anyway which made my hair look more like your hair too! Some times simple is more - I'm also trying out curlificer from the aphogee range apparently it brings the memory back to your curl but I've yet to see results and it bugs me that you only leave it in a minute !layers may look good for your hair :) the photos with long hair was before I butchers it and the short hair is with curl activator and the other photo is what happens to my hair with to much product notice it's straight wavy at the top