I think I'm doing something wrong with my Curly hair it's acting different please help

Ok so I'm 13 and about 7 months ago I started taking care of my natural very Curly Hair so at first back in August I had very pretty Curly hair and it was a little bit longer than it is now I got it cut when I got it straightened about a month ago now I have noticed that my hair is a lot healthier but not as loose as the used to be their are still 3b loose but my small 3c section in the middle isn't  I have that type of hair that when wet very flat and thin but when dry voluminous and big not on the thin side and not on the thick side more so in the middle I just don't know what happened I'm thinking its my cut that I got a month ago but then again it somebody out there that knows more about how to take care of my curls then I do. Please Help and if you made it this far I can tell you really care lmao. Thanks. Btw this is what my hair look like as a baby very wavy why did my hair change from wavy to curly 

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