How can I transition from straight to curly?

Hair is screaming HELP!! I recently cut my hair In June then made the big mistake of bleaching it after I bleached it I dyed it back to black. After a couple weeks I could tell my hair began to feel brittle it began to turn brown in a lot of areas when I want to wear it curly it doesn't curl in the front at all it's basically straight going towards the end of my hair and the beginning of the top of my hair where my part is , it's very very dead and rough basically fried when I straighten it. Is it okay to co-wash my hair everyday ? My scalp is very dry and itchy . I hate shampooing my hair . I deep condition once a week. Either with Shea Moisture or something stronger . And I co-wash with As I Am conditioner cleanser. I just need some good advice . Also some protecting hair styles .  Thank you , Mercedes 

2 Answers

Co washing everyday isn't that harmful. But it can cause a lot of buildup. There are like billions of updos you can do or you know bantu knot outs, twist outs, braid outs, hair extensions, or even wigs. But yeah, your hair sounds really damaged. But it'll grow out :)
you may want to do a big chop and not straighten your hair as much