When I try to be healthier with my hair- it stops curling?

I try to stop using sulfate shampoos and silicones, I stopped using towels and use t shirts. I started using all types of oils and natural cremes like coconut oil.I watched and read tons of advice videos on youtube and this site. I stopped using as much heat in my hair. When I do all this- my curls are nonexistent. It is flat heavy wavy hair that has a ton of product in it making it tangly. Why does my careless routine work better than being healthy? My curls are way better after using my sulfate shampoo and using a towel and brushing my hair with a normal brush

1 Answer

Hi, sounds like your hair is just as you described...heavy and weighed down. I have been experimenting with products for the last 9 mos since I went CG and healthy with my hair as well and a few times I've felt the same way. Right now, a paired down regimen is working well for me. Shea Moisture Superfruit shampoo and a SM conditioner (I have a few). After shower, Curl Keeper Original on sopping wet hair. Then 4 pumps of DermOrganic Volume Foam mousse. Scrunch out the wet w/ my T-shirt and then apply one more pump of the mousse to my straighter front area b/c the T-shirt part can remove a little too much product there and that area needs hold! The idea is that with my fine 2c hair that is low porosity (so too much moisture just sits on top and doesn't get in) that I have to be careful of using too much oil. Although I would love to be able to use more moisture it just doesn't pay off. My hair seems to perk up a bit after using a deep conditioner w/ protein in it like Hask Keratin too. If I need a little moisture on my ends I use a dime worth of something on sopping wet hair on my ends only b/4 the Curl Keeper, etc. Or I can put a bit of dry oil spray in my hand (SM or a silicone free pomade) and scrunch my dry hair at the ends to get rid of a dry look or frizzes. Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes. Best.