I have type 2a/2b hair, I've damaged it badly by coloring and straightening. Would Shea moisture hel

2 Answers

I had damaged my hair to the point where my ends were straight and my roots were curly I used Shea moisture curl smoothie everyday for almost a month now and my hair is bouncier than ever . I highly highly recommend this product. Not only did it bring back my curls my hair is healthy and soft and it smells great! The picture of me in the yellow sweater is when my hair was damaged. The other two are how healthy my hair is, it looks shorter because my curls sprung back to life. 
I have bleached/colored hair and I love my Shea Moisture products but it all depends on how your hair will react to it since everyone is different. I would recommend thought that you pick up a good rinse out conditioner, deep conditioner, and a protein treatment. Protein treatments are especially important for us with damage, our hair is like a pine cone: damaged hair looks like an open pine cone while healthy hair looks like a closed pine cone, so damaged hair is missing some of those cuticles (the "scales") and as a result, it cannot properly hold any moisture you put into it leading it to become weak and dry. Protein treatments help seal the open spaces, however you must keep a good balance of moisturizing products and protein because you can overload on both. You may find the Protein-Craving forum here on CurlTalk helpful. Some recommendations: GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally Beauty Supply (good, protein-free, no silicones, great rinse out conditioner), Shea Moisture Mannuka Honey Conditioner (also a great rinse out conditioner), Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Deep Conditioning Treatment (more moisturizing) or the Shea Moist. 10-in-1 Superfruit Deep Conditioning Treatment (lighter than Manuka Honey, both are great deep conditioners - Sally Beauty, Ulta or Target) , Protein treament- Aphogee 2 Step (Sally Beauty), optional: Oils - Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil (for an occasional pre shampoo treatment, most girls wash it all out because it can be too heavy), Argan (good for using in your routine especially after putting on leave in, not necessary to wash out like coconut oil) , Grapeseed (similar use and benefits to Argan oil).