How do I use 100% extra virgin coconut oil on my hair? Should it be damp or completely dry?

I also wanted to know what towel dried hair means because I see it on a lot of hair products direction. Does it mean completely dry or does it mean when it is still a little wet?

1 Answer

Towel dried hair usually means lightly damp hair (since most people do not 100% dry their hair with the towel, they just use it to stop water from dripping).As for the coconut oil, it can be used in many ways. You can use it as a pre-poo treatment (coat your hair in it and put a shower cap on for about 30 minutes prior to shampooing to keep the shampoo from stripping your hair), as a moisturizer (coconut oil is one of a few oils that can actually penetrate your cuticle to impart moisture, wet your hair and apply coconut oil as you please. However, using this is more for looser textures that do not lose moisture as quickly), you could use it as a sealant as well (apply water, a leave in/cream, and apply the oil to seal all of the moisture in, this is the LCO method, or you could try the LOC and use the oil second opposed to last), it can also be used on your scalp .**Be careful with coconut oil during the winter. Using it alone may cause brittle hair since it will solidify in the cooler temperatures, so maybe combine it with another carrier like olive, sweet almond, or jojoba. This is just a couple uses of course! So have at it and experiment with it. Honestly, your hair may not even like coconut oil, it may be too light, or makes your hair feel funny, etc. You never know.Good Luck!