How and When Should I Use A Curl Defining Product?

1 Answer

Your curl defining cream, or milk, or whatever lol would be considered your styler. Depending on which of these you do depends on when you will do it.LOC - It would be after you apply your leave in and oil.LCO - It would be after your leave in and before your oil.LOCO - it would be after your leave in and oil again, and before you second coat of oil.If it is a GEL youre using, it needs to be last. After your leave ins, oils, and cream/milks. Im not sure what you mean by "how" you should use it though. If you mean how you should apply it like as in how much or etc - how much you apply depends on if its a heavy cream or a milk or something light or heavy, your hair's porosity, and your hair's density and length.If you have long hair or really dense hair (a lot of hair) you will naturally have to apply more. If you have short hair naturally you can apply less or low density hair (not a lot of hair) you can apply less. If your hair is low porosity you will want to apply less because product will build up easily on your hair, if you have high porosity hair you can apply more. Here is a "how-to".I hope this helps, xo :)