What do I use to keep my hair from being dry? Oil?

What do I use to keep my hair from being dry? Oil?I am new to wearing my hair curly. I have always worn flat-ironed straight, but never had a chemical in my hair. Since, I started wearing my hair curly it has been so unattractively dry. I wash my hair once at the end of a 5-day week. I use a sulfate-free shampoo, followed with a conditioner. I leave it in for a while before I rinse it. After, that I often use a styling cream. Now, I have heard that coconut oil is good to use. Is that true and how would it be applied? Also, would it be rinsed out?

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for me it worked realy well whit oil, but i dont think we have the same hair ''type'' :/
Usually oil doesn't moisturize your hair, it seals in moisture BUT coconut oil is an exception, usually. You can use it many ways; as a pre-poo, a deep conditioner, with your leave-in, or as a sealant.  You might also want to inspect your hair for split ends or any indication of heat damage.
I think that the real reason why your hair is dry is heat damage. You will have to nurse your hair back to health with regular deep conditions and protein treatments. It may take some time for your hair to heal and get back on track so try to be patient. About Coconut oil, it's great. You just apply it directly to your already moisturized hair and your hair soaks it up. I've heard that it can soften hair but don't use too much or your hair will be too oily. I know this from experience. Good luck with your curly hair journey!