What can I use as a heat protectant when I diffuse?

Hello! So this is going to sound a bit weird but ever since I went natural (a year ago) I started to dry my hair with my electric fan (lol) but it broke down 2 months ago so I've had no choice but to dry it with my diffuser. I'm a very impatient person when it comes to my hair drying, it takes HOURS! :( And this might sound silly but I'm actually kind of insecure when it's wet since it looks so flat.. I just don't like the look of it. So there's no way I could ever go out with my hair like that.. :/ And I feel terrible for using heat on it again, especially with no protectant. I'm starting school veryyy soon and I can't go on anymore because I know it's killing my hair. Even if I know it's still damaging w/ the protectant it'll make me feel better (delusional I know.) I mean I will buy another electric fan soon once I start working b/c then I'll have money. (For those of you thinking, "Doesn't that cause frizz?" No, my hair was actually very defined and shiny when I used it! :)) But yeah back to the question.. any ideas?? And I've read that shea butter can be used as a protectant? Is that true? I have the Curl Enhancing Smoothie by SheaMoisture which contains some shea butter and I use it when styling.. I apply a pretty generous amount to my hair. Is that enough to work? Please help :( 

3 Answers

grape seed oil
Red raspberry seed oil, E/VCO or Carrot seed oil
Electric fan is def a new one LOL I would say a leave-in conditioner spread THOROUGHLY throughout the hair to cover every strand and your styling product should do the trick so long as you deep condition weekly as well.