I use as I am curl defining jelly is this a good product for my hair .

I have 3c hair to 4A hair. I have been using As I Am curl defining jelly to help define My Curls, along with the curl defining twist cream. I need to know if this is a good product for my hair. It seems to be working my hair is moisturized and it looks really nice My Curls are very defined. I shampoo my hair with Argan Oil and I use a goat milk conditioner.  I just want to know if these products are okay for my hair. Since I've been using these products my hair has grown.

1 Answer

I use this and have the same curl pattern as you. I use the smooth gel way more than the curling jelly though. I have high porosity, high density hair that is medium-long length and fine strands for a better reference. So for that type of hair lol - it works, so I'm sure it's fine for you. As I Am is a pretty great brand in my opinion.That being said, it doesn't seem like there is anything wrong with the products you're using. Unless they pose a problem with your hair don't worry. Of your hair is healthy and growing they are fine for your hair. :)