Am I using the right oil & moisturizer? Help!

I am not exactly sure what "type" of hair I have. I just know that it is 4. I've seen a lot of articles and stuff about sealing. I currently use Shea Moisturizer Jamaican black castor oil strenthen griw & restore leave in conditioner, Africa's Best ultimate herbal oil, and a little Shea Moisturizer  (same as conditioner) styling lotion. Am I using too much stuff? Am I not doing something right? Am I doing things right? (I just big chopped 3 weeks ago and I went with stuff that I heard good reviews about).

1 Answer

Hi Coily92,It is ok to try different products. The thing to make note of is which products make your hair feel the way you want it to feel. I am sure you want it to feel moisturized, soft, and manageable (easy to style without tangles). Sealing refers to putting an oil, or butter over your leave in conditioner in order to keep you hair moisturized.