I might've ruined my hair..

Hey guys so here's my story:I have type 3A hair. I used to have my hair down to the middle of my back. Then I decided to cut it and that was probably the biggest mistake of my life because it was cut in a straight line and my hair is pretty thick so I can never put my hair down. Then my hair got worse because I decided to thin it down (which I know now NEVER to do) with razors. After this I got nape hair which I have to pin up every time I put my hair up. Also I don't think I'm using the correct shampoo and conditioner because even if I put my hair in a french braid after I shower my curls are limpy and not even curls. I need so much help I have no idea what to do with my hair :( I'm sorry this was so long.

2 Answers

I really feel for you. Ok lets address each issue:1. Bad haircut- Here you can either do a big chop or jsut let your hair grow out. I also have nape hair and there's not much you can do besides clip it up. Good news is that hair grows back so maybe continue to put your hair up in buns, braids and ponytails until you feel comfortable with its length and thickness for you to have it cut correctly.2. Your choice of haircare products- This is purely trial and error. You should consider clarifying your hair to see if maybe it isn't a product overload if it was working for you previously.
^^^ What she said!I would add maybe you should go to a professional to fix the bad haircut. As far as products go- maybe your hair texture changed and now its more wavy than curly. Texture changes tend to happen as we age so its a possibility.