I want to achieve more shrinkage/volume/thickness in my hair, how do I that?

From what I can sort of tell, the roots of my hair are very defined, but very smooth and soft and based on the picture its looks very similar to a 3C. After about 2-3 inches down my hair becomes a 3B, and in multiple areas of my scalp there are combinations of both hair types. I have very long hair/semi-thick. I want to achieve more shrinkage/volume/thinkness in my hair and having a hard time trying. Also my ends become very dry at times and go from being curly to slight waves. My hair is heat damaged but I only straighten my hair ONCE A YEAR (not including touch ups that are only for my naps at the beginning of the nape if my neck) and I only leave it straight for about a week, maybe 2-3 more. Hope this info helps!!

1 Answer

heat damage plays an important part in what you are trying to accomplish.  Sometimes it can be reversed and sometimes it can not. If you still have  curls (no straight pieces) , try a keratin treatments every couple of months. I use aphogee two minutes reconstructer