I want to start wearing my natural curls. Could someone help me to find a good routine please ?

When I was a kid i had 1B/2A hair type. It was straight/wavy hair like most european girls. When I grew up (puberty) my hair started to get more and more volume and to become more and more wavy but i used to detangle my hair and to take care of them like other european girls so my hair was poofy. My hair became really wavy and i just didn't know how to deal with them so at the age of 14 i bought a straightener and I started using it every time after my shower (on dry hair of course :p). After few months i realised my hair was so dry and so frizzy and not heathly at all so i stopped using it that often and I put my hair up in a poneytail and it demaged my scalp. I still put my hair up because I don't know how to take care of my curly/wavy hair. I don't really know my type of hair too. I would really love to let my hair down and not to get frizzy hair and too much volume. Could someone help me to find a good routine please ? :D 

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the curly girl method works great for my 3c/b hair. I love wearing my hair down, and with the cg method, I have super defined curls but not with too much frizz and no excess volume.
I've got 2A hair so here's what I do =)1.* Garnier Fructise Pure Clean conditioner (sometimes I use the shampoo too)* Suave Naturals Clarifying Shampoo (or any other clarifying)I usually wash my hair every other night. I should probably start washing less but I really like washing my hair. I only like to shampoo my hair once a week either with the Pure Clean shampoo or a clarifying shampoo to get rid of buildup. The other days I co-wash, washing my hair with only the conditioner. I like Pure Clean because it smells nice, it's natural, and there are no parabins or silicones. I detangle in the shower with a wide tooth comb. After the shower I dry my hair with a microfiber towel, using scrunching motions. You probably know this but don't rub your hair while drying it. Running promotes frizz and tangles big time... When my hair is about 50% dry I start with the products.2.* Some kind of leave in conditioner* Marc Anthony Dream Wave Beach Spray* Herbal Essences Totally Twisted hair gel* Moroccan Argan Oil (you can use any hair oil or even olive oil or baby oil but if you're blonde and want to stay blonde, don't use coconut oil. I read that it can darken your hair)  Basically I flip my head over and scrunch in each of the products in the order I listed them. I spray the Dream Waves spray in my hands because directly spraying it on my hair leaves buildup on my scalp. Using a microfiber Turbie Twist towel I pile my hair on top of my head and fasten the Turbie. None of my hair is in the twisted part because I want to use a plunking/plopping technique as my hair dries. About a half hour later I take my hair out of the Turbie and let it air dry a little bit more. Before bed I pile my hair on top of my head again and I tuck it into a satin sleep cap to resume plunking while I sleep. In the morning I scrunch any limp pieces of hair with a bit more gel and I put a little more Moroccan Argan Oil on. To refresh for the next day I wet my hands and scrunch a little water in my hair and wear the sleep cap, braids, or a bun to bed. Pulling your hair up with clips instead of rubber bands reduces breakage.I hope this helps. Sorry it's so long... Good Luck =)