I want to use new products on my hair and am not sure where to start?

I have  type 3a/3b hair and right now I just use a gel after I shower and I think it works okay but im not sure because I've  never tried anything else. I want my hair to be healthy and grow longer than it is so I haven't used heat on it at all for at least 3 months but it doesn't seem to be growing any longer. Should I be using a deep conditioner and what products should i be using in general? thank you so much!

1 Answer

Hi , I use different products for different reasons . I love olive oil conditioner , coconut oil shampoo and conditioner because they work well with my hair plus they're all natural and inexpensive . Shea butter products are really good especially the conditioner . Hey , it's ok to try something different once in awhile . Here's what I use for my hair .