i want to wear my hair the way it is but im afraid

I'm young (12),I'm in middle school and thts when people make fun of you also in high school. I've been taking care of my hair and getting to know what my hair likes and what's best for it.when I do this I get happy with the results and how my hair is naturally is,I've been easing into wearing my hair curly for my family and friends opinions but I wanna wear my out im just not sure how to approach this without scaring people with such a big suprise

2 Answers

I'm not sure where you live, but a lot of young girls are wearing their hair curly. It's no longer all about having straight hair anymore. I know how it is to want to fit in throughout middle and high school, but ultimately you have to do what makes you happy. You can always ease your curly hair out with different styles until it's full on curly as well. And who knows, you might inspire someone to want to wear their naturally curly hair as well :)
I know middle school and high school can be tough, but curly hair is now becoming so popular. If you're confident in your hair (which you will soon learn to be) it won't matter what other people say. And on top of that, people will love your curly hair and as you keep wearing it curly more and more, people will stop being surprised! You should definitely start wearing your hair curly as much as possible to promote healthier hair!Stay strong!