Can I Co wash my hair everyday

can I Co wash my every day and then shampoo & condition twice a week? Also, can I Co wash if my hair is more wavyish? 

2 Answers

Its ok to co wash  everyday or as nessory . But remember to use conditioner so soften hair and make her easier to manage throughout the day .
you should listen to your hair and go by how it feels. Cowashing everyday plus shampooing and conditioning twice a week can send your hair into moisture overload and make it mushy which will cause it to break. The ingredients in shampoos are stronger and more effective at cleansing then a Cowash. Doing too much could also deprive your hair the time it needs to lubricate itself. I have coily and coarser hair; in the summer months I'm outside all day and my hair feels really dry I'll wet my hair and just let it sit in conditioner but I'm not necessarily applying the conditioner in the manner of a Cowash.I would recommend starting with shampoo and condition once a week like Sunday and cowash every other day if necessary.