I wash my hair once a week and everytime before washing i put coco&castor oil in it. am i overdoing?

I mix Coconut Oil with castor oil and leave it in for about 2 hours and i do this everytime i wash my hair which is once a week. do you guys think it is bad for my hair and am i overdoing it? thanks xoxo

1 Answer

Listen to how your hair is feeling. If it feels weighed down and gunky, then I would say you're overdoing it. If it feels great, then keep up what you are doing. Pre-shampoo treatments are very effective at preventing your hair from drying out during the shampoo process. The only thing I will say is that castor oil is very heavy and usually needs a strong cleanser to wash it out. A sulfate may be needed in some cases, or a strong sulfate free shampoo might do the trick. If your cleanser is very gentle, the castor oil may begin to build up. If this happens, just use a clarifying shampoo to wash it out.