How do I get my wavy hair to become curlier?

To give some background, when I was very young I had curly ringlets that turned into waves as I got older. I have dyed my hair a bunch of times within the past 4 years. Just last year I had bleached all of my hair blonde quite a few times. I went back to brown and I've been growing it out. I did the Big Chop and cut off a lot of my hair into a slightly longer bob that is about shoulder length with long layers so at the bottom my hair is completely natural and at the top it's half natural half damaged hair. My hair is not as wavy as it used to be and I'm still managing the damaged ends of my hair but I'm dying to have much more defined waves/curls (3A-3C hair) so I'm taking all of the tips I can get. I haven't been using heat at all really but I'm kind of lost when it comes to which hair products are good for my hair. And any natural things anyone knows of to help curl hair too that'd be awesome!

2 Answers

Scrunch scrunch scrunch ! But  its super important to be gentle on your hair. Try using Shea moistures curl enhancing smoothie, maybe that will help you get back to your original texture. But ultimately, take good & I mean really good care of your hair in order for it to return to your natural texture. But if none of these tips work, than maybe loose waves is just your natural hair.if so, then love it the way it is. Because that's the point of going natural, to love your natural hair :D
Try plastic/foam curlers, curlformers, or straw curlers (depending on the size of the curl you are looking for) & use a cap hair dryer/diffuser or let them air dry for minimum damage. Letting the sun do the work helps too! Hard plastic curlers are better for frizzier hair than foam ones; stay away from velcro ones unless your willing to rip some of your hair out! Depending on your hair type, you might find that it holds the curl on its own or you might need to apply a product with hold in it to keep the curl from falling out. You'll want to apply this when your hair is damp, before you put the curlers in. Be warned that setting your hair in curlers takes time, so don't try it when you have somewhere to be. Experiment on a day when you have at least 4 hours to get them in & let your hair dry. Hopefully, you'll be finished much faster than that!