I work in a restaurant & always HAVE to have my hair up, usually in a bun. hair tie favorites?

I've seen on pinterest hair ties like bungees, or sock buns....and I love my spin pins too! I don't like using those "goody ouchless" elastics because they end up leaving a big dent in my hair. Any experience with wrap ups or burly bands?

1 Answer

I buy elastic fabric of choice from Joann's or Michaels. it's not really fabric it's like the band. Then I cut it exactly to wear I want and I tie a knot in the end and voila I have a huge hair tie (sigh I have too much hair for a regular scrunchie lol), and I don't get dents or breakage with hair coming out when I take it out. It's like a 3 min process to make a total of 10 for me. They sell them in stores but I make bigger versions. I found a picture so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. But I second bungees and sockbuns too!