I workout daily - cardio, I run. I also sweat, A LOT! How do I care for my curls after a workout?

My scalp is sweaty. I have a combo of 2C and 3A hair and I'm in the process of transitioning. I find I feel like I need to rinse my scalp after my workout. I wear my hair in a ponytail because it's hot if it's loose. Suggestions to after-workout care would be AWESOME!!

3 Answers

I had the same problem when I started working out intensely. After each workout it just became a natural habit to take out my messy bun and just let my hair breath and air dry. I would also massage my scalp. Afterwards, the gross s sweaty feeling just went away. In the summer when I work out, I do wash more often (it's hot as Hades in VA). I don't think it's really necessary for you to rinse your scalp after each work out, unless maybe you did a tea tree rinse? Also, recently I've worn my hair in braids at the gym. My hair/scalp didn't feel as dirty when wearing my hair tied up.
I have to rinse my hair after a workout. Period. 
Cowashing is your new best friend! To prevent oil from building up on your scalp from sweating, either rinse your scalp really well with warm water or cowash. I have 2b-2c hair and I wash my hair with a super mild sulfate-free shampoo once a week and wash with a cleansing conditioner twice a week between shampoos. I don't know your views on shampooing, but definitely cowashing after your workouts will work wonders!