If I were to get a sew in any tips on blending and maintence.

I'm on drill team and we wear our hair certian ways for every game. Buns, Strait, Curled, Ponytails. My hair isnt long at all and I dont want to put unnessesary heat on my hair and risk the damage I think a sew in would be a good alternative then i can do all the damage to the weave then take it out when im done no problem. but i would have to leave some hair out so it could be put in a neatly and i heard that you should braid your hair with braiding hair to relax the tension is this true and I need help on the blending if i get a strait weave or a curly weave I'm so confused and i don't know how to do this did i mention ive never worn weave befor i dont want a cheap weave either so a place to get something nice that wont break the bank i don't want to damage my hair PLEASE HELP !

1 Answer

I've only had weave when I had relaxed hair, so i'm not sure what you should do now that you have natural hair -- I'd suggest looking on Youtube. But in general, if your hair is a fro, but your weave is straight and you want to leave out some hair, then yes -- you'll have to straighten the hair you leave out so it will match. Maybe you can talk to your coach? It doesn't really sound fair that you'd have to spend all that money to look a certain way when others just have straight hair naturally. Maybe you can try crochet braids or tree braids with straight hair! It's like your roots are braided but then the extensions are straight. This is a pic of me a few years ago when i was transitioning. I had braids >>  http://i62.tinypic.com/33avyog.jpgHope that helps!