Im 2c. I have a very thin hair and suffer from hair loss. Should I use jbco?

I have a very thin hair and suffer from hair loss. Im 2c. I just bought jamaican mango black castor oil. Should I use it? Please help.

2 Answers

JBCO sounds like it would be amazing for you. But since your hair is so thin, I would only use it for hot oil treatments and putting it on your scalp daily or however often you see fit. You dont want to get it all over your strands though seeing as it's very heavy and would seriously weight your hair down. You may want to do an oil combination. Jamaican black castor oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil, and horsetail extract are all great for thickening and lengthening hair. You can actually mix all of these together to make the JBCO thinner and more usable for your thin hair strands in an applicator bottle. You can add lavendar oil for more benefits and for a better smell as JBCO isnt the best smelling oil. I hope this helps love
Thank you very much!