I'm 3c and fine hair. i need help building a regimen.

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Hey there, I've got a head of fine 3c hair too and I wouldn't recommend a no-poo regimen. You should check out the porosity of your hair: a big part of your regimen should depend on that (I only found out about that a little while ago, but my hair feels TONS better since). 

Regardless of the porosity of your hair: shampoo only once or twice a week, max! You probably don't need more than that ;)

Also, try to rinse your hair in cold water only,  not when you're standing under a hot shower! Cold hair seals the hair cuticles, which ensures the moisture and protein is kept INSIDE your hair, where it should be :) Hot or warm water opens your hair cuticle: not nice for daily rinsing, but very useful in deep conditioning.

Hope this helps and good luck!


Yeah, it's really just  lot of trial and error. Be sure to find some routines that you like, too, like using a diffuser to just partially dry your hair Or like sleep on a satin pillowcase. That sort of thing.  Here's a blog that has some good info:


Well, do you think you'd want to do a no-poo routine? Many curlies find that works best for their hair. You'll want to start by finding a good styler (silicone-free). And look for silicone-free conditioners and sulfate-free shampoos.

You'll probably have to experiment a lot to find products that work for you. 

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