I'm desperate, please please help!

I have had so much trouble with my hair throughout my life. I don't even know where to start. It's texture has changed over time, it is now a 2a but it was curlier before. Anyway, my hair is low porosity, takes a million years to dry, is dry, I get build up all the time and no shampoo or conditioner seems to work well for it. I started using not your mother's shampoo for hair growth, wich made my hair grow, but it seems to have caused build up and is hard to rinse out. I use the it's a 10 hair spray wich actually makes my hair acceptable. A generic herbal essences conditioner, the naked one, is what I use. I have tried so many methods, from no shampoo, using baking soda, apple cider, natural hair treatments with oils, and all kinds of drugstore shampoos, but nothing works to make my hair look good. It doesn't help that I have very hard water either. Right now, as I mentioned, seems to get tough and sticky very often, despite the fact that I use a clarifying shampoo once a week, or every two weeks. I'm lost, and I'd appreciate recommendations, thanks...

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maybe you should try to use a cleansing shampoo, I use the As I Am and it really helps with the build up in my low porosity hair. The build up could be coming from all the silicones and heavy ingredients in your hair products. its hard starting over and figuring out what works for your hair but do the research I promise it will pay off. I suggest going for no parabens, mineral oils, silicones, and avoid heavy ingredients like shea butter or heavy oils. LoPo hair loves oils like sweet almond and jojoba because they're lighter and can get into the hair instead of just sitting on top and causing build up. It's a trial and error process, I hope I helped. Good luck!
my hair situation is so similar to yours! This is the answer one of the editors gave me for my hair problems. http://www.naturallycurly.com/questions/hair-care/...Hope it helps. 
I have problems with build up too, to the point where if I dont clarify on a regular basis, nothing works for my hair and it gets dry and so hard to manage. What really helped me was trying clay masks! I was hesistant at first but it really got rid of all the build up but didn't leave my hair stripped like regular clarifying shampoos do. I'd give it a try if you have build up problems