I'm going to live on road for 6 months!What's the best way to take care of my 3B/3C curly hair?

Hi! I think this is not  a FAQ , but it's my situation at the moment and possibly other curly hair girls. I just bought a van with my partner and we're going to be living and travelling around Australia in the van. I am very concerned since I won't have a shower in hand all the time and as a curly hair girl I have tons of hair products , but in the van I can only take a few due to space. As well as hair treatment goes, I am a fan of the avocado regime, but I like to do it indoors and my life will become an outdoor full time life. To back it up I will be traveling in Australia, where you can't get a hold of most curly hair brand products. I guess what I'm trying to say is HELP! what's the best routing I can come up with in my situation, hair products and tips and tricks I can sue for the road. I've been searching but since I'm still earning all the ins and out of curly hair it's still a struggle and I don't want this trip to damage my hair and the long process i've gone through to recover and to feel confident wearing my hair. I also belive I might no be the only Curly Hair Hair girl on the road who could use your tips :). 

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