I'm new to taking care of my hair, routines, etc. Can someone help me?

Hi I'm Mariana! I'm new here and completely new to hair care and never had a routine. Apparently I have 3b type hair, with low porosity and high density. I'm new to taking care of my hair and I don't have a routine or anything like that. I've always used just whatever shampoo and conditioner my mother used and a typical mousse to style it. I wash my hair daily at night because I exercise everyday or at least I try and on mornings because I go to uni. I read and I guess I shouldn't be washing my hair daily but I don't really understand nor have a routine for that, I've always just washed it whenever I shower. I'm starting to investigate about co-wash, washing days and things like that but if anyone has explanations, a routine and products that recommend, I would really appreciate it.I'll attach a picture of me with my hair air dried after being wet (from a water fight). Also, I'm from México so if anyone has recommendations that are easy to get or that are sold here it would help a lot. Thanks in advance :)

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