I'm a new transitioner 3c/4a hair type and I need help with my regime.

Hi allI have 3c/4a hair type when wet and am four months into my hair  journey. when my hair gets dry I hate the way it feels. I have done a lot of research about keeping it moisturised .My problem is that it soaks up moisture so quickly. I have low porosity but very dense hair which makes it difficult to tackle.I apply the LOC method to no avail it is still flippin dry! At the mo I co wash deep condition every three days as it gets so dry past two days.I'm using shea butter and the shea moisture conditioner to help mositurise the hair. I also use henna once a month to strengthen and cover my speckled grey hairs. Am I missing something product wise?  or is this the legacy of my past poor hair routine which will require time to balance out? I do hope to get an answer as I am getting extremely frustrated with how it feels and at times I have thought about relaxing it since the relaxed hair seems better behaved with the Loc method. I don't want to give up yet I just need to know how to get it soft and moisturized for longer because I know its gonna get harder as the months go on. Thanks in advance

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Congrats on transitioning to natural,dont feel discouraged having natural is bound to get really dry i know it is hard and frustrating but it is normal for natural hair thats low porosity to soak all the moister. LOC method is best for us with low porosity hair, I think u may have to suspend Henna for awhile I feel this product maybe the culprit to your excesive dry hair hope this helps.