I'm really interested in natural hair care. Any tips?

How can I take care of my hair naturally, without chemicals and other yuckiness?

2 Answers

Go to a natural food store and take a look at their cosmetic section. Kinky Curly and Giovanni are just two of the natural product lines that are carried by stores near me that I have tried. You can also make deep treatments, both moisture and protein, from things in your kitchen. Eggs, mayo, honey, olive oil, coconut oil, just to name a few ingredients. You might want to sit in a steamy bathroom in a bath or something, or take the easy way out and buy a heated cap in order to open the cuticle and intensify the effects of homemade concoctions. Sometimes natural products have a harder time penetrating because certain chemicals can aid in pulling things into the hair shaft. 
I like Aubrey Organics products. They smell great!