I'm starting to notice single strand knots. Some have multiple knots.

I've been transitioning for about 11m to a year. I wear protective styles but now I'm noticing single strand knots. I I have a mixture of textures in my head. The middles is veeery thick and coily. While the front has looser curls and the back even looser bouncy curls. Of course I want my hair to be healthy. So is there anything I can do to get rid of them besides cutting then out or pulling them out? I don't know this to be true, but I've heard that the knots can lead to breakage. Thank you.

2 Answers

you have to cut them out. I'm not sure about breakage but they may cause larger knots but dot stress too much. I have quite a few of them and I will periodically cut them out but ssk just come with the territory of type 3c-4c hair 
Hey there! I am sorry you are going through this; I suffered from the same thing until I started sealing my ends ar least twice a week.First I detangle my hair , then I put a penny size amount of castor oil in the palms of my hands and warm it up between the palms of my hands. I then apply it to the ends of my hair and it protects against single strand knots. Great luck please post to let us know how its going with your hair. Ane