I'm suffering from protein overload, which products would you guys recommened? DevaCurl No-Poo?

So I have recently started my hair's road to recovery after suffering from protein overload. Wanting a fresh start, I decided to chop (a lot) of it off. I got my first ever DevaCut a few weeks ago and already my curls are feeling and looking better than they have in a long time. I also got rid of the products I had been using (which all had protein in them, but didn't work very well to begin with), and began looking for new products. The products I've gotten so far are:Mop Top clarifying rescue treatment to get rid of any build up (only going to use it every month or so)Curl Junkie smoothing daily conditioner and Curl Junkie curl rehab moisturizing treatment as my deep conditionerNow, none of these products have protein in them. But according to a lot of articles I've read, I have to somehow incorporate it into my routine or I could risk having moisture overload instead. So, how can keep a balance between moisture and protein? When I was getting my DevaCut, my hairdresser used DevaCurl no-poo as a co-wash/ leave-in (she rinsed out about 50% of it, and left the rest in my hair) and even though it has protein in it, I actually really liked it. Would it be ok for me to use it as my co-wash/leave-in even though it has protein in it?I was also looking into Soultanicals can't believe it's knot butta. For anyone who's used it, my hair prefers light products, would this product be too heavy?and what (gentle) shampoos, moisturizers, and stylers would you guys suggest I use?Thanks in advance!

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