I'm a swimmer, so My hair gets pretty dry from all the chlorine,any tips on taking care of my hair?

chlorine drying out my hair, I'm hoping for frizzy free, moisturized hair

2 Answers

The other commenter had some great advice. Before you swim, dampen your hair, apply a conditioner or leave-in, and apply a small amount of oil if you like. Put it up in some way, like a braid, ponytail, etc. After you swim, shampoo with a sulfate-free cleanser, and condition and/or deep condition. 
The suggestion made by the other commenters to apply a conditioner beforehand is a great recommendation. Just remember MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISURIZE! And if you're going to shampoo even with a sulfate-free shampoo don't do it too often because shampooing cleanses your hair by stripping any oil, debris, etc from your hair which will only dry it out further along with the chlorine.