I'm transitioning now and whenever I wash my hair it comes out hard and I can't comb it.

I've been transitioning since January and my hair has become really thick. Whenever I wash my hair it comes out hard and I can't get a comb through it even though I separate it into sections. I try to air dry it cause I know constant heat is bad but it just makes it worse so I have no choice but to sit under the dryer. Then I end up getting it straightened because it's just so tough I can't do anything to it but even after I straighten it it's still tough. Help me please!

2 Answers

I would suggest a conditioner that has really good "slip". I can recommend Tresseme Naturals with avocado & aloe vera, Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in, or DevaCurl One Condition. Try one of those, put in our hair while in the shower & hair is soaking wet. Gently finger detangle then if needed GENTLY use a very wide toothed comb. But the main thing is you need to have a really good conditioner in your hair when detangling. 
Have you considered roller setting?