I'm trying to grow out my hair and I can't stop damage from killing my efforts

I only wash my hair once a week with shampoo and I never heat style it. I typically wear my hair down and completely unstyled or in a bun or pony tail for class and track practice. I feel like my hair is barely growing AND I feel like even after I get my hair trimmed I can never get rid of all these split ends! it's like an endless battle and I'm getting wrecked. I usually use a leave-in conditioner and moroccan oil on my hair 

4 Answers

Try using sulfate-free shampoos. Minimize the amount of chemicals generally. Use shampoo ans conditionner with all natural ingredients and stop using gels and mousses. Don't towel dry jour hair, use an old shirt instead. Don't blow-dry it, let it air-dry but if you have too just use a diffuser. And btw, butter is the best treatment for split rends! Use it as a mask before washing your hair. It will also make hair healthier. 
I agree with everything hyuna said! Another thing you might consider is your diet. Make sure you're eating adequate protein and drinking water. Some people have said scalp massages seems to help their hair grow faster... I haven't really noticed much of a difference myself but they sure do feel good so why not?! :) 
I've used only Devacare nopoo for the last 5-6 years and my hair has started growing pretty fast. I also take multivitamins (not for my hair but I know just being up on vitamins helps everything). I started seeing something about Biotin helping hair growth. You might want to check into that. Be careful what you're using to put it in a pony (or clips or barrettes, etc.). I also notice my hair has more breakage in the summer on one side of my head than the other - interestingly it's the left side....due to driving with the window down.  Just saying there could some funky reason. Also your pillowcase could be doing it in your sleep (flannel is horrible for hair for instance). 
Maybe you should try a conditioner specifically for split ends. Don't use shampoo as often and make sure your pony tails aren't to tight because that can cause them. Also use castor oil