Why is it important to stretch curly hair? and wear protective hairstyles?

I mean, If I try to do protective hairstyles, they just ruin my hair and basically make it turn flat. The same happens with stretching. 

2 Answers

when you stretch it, it helps it grow longer/healthier. If its not stretched the hair tangles up. Its like not combing your hair regularly, it gets matted and hard to comb.(lol like mine)
You don't HAVE to stretch your curls if it doesn't work for you. As long as you keep your hair moisturized, detangle gently, and aren't having issues with breakage, then wear your curls any way you like!  And yes, pony tails do stretch your hair, but wearing them all the time creates a lot of tension on the hair at the scalp, so a break from time to time is a good idea.