is it good to wash my curly hair everyday , i want to me it longer .

3 Answers

You can try co-washing (conditioner washing). As long as you keep your hair nourished and not dried out with silicones and sulfates, you could wash everyday. I would not suggest shampooing everyday. I used to sometimes just wet my hair everyday to get fresh curls and wash every 2 to 3 days.
It's not healthy for your curly hair to be washed everyday. This is because shampoo strips the hair of its natral oils. I recommend washing once or twice a week. And I think maybe trying to co wash everyday or at least once a week. This should help your hair become healthy and strong.  Remember if u do the right and healthy choices for your hair YOUR HAIR CAN GROW 6 INCHES LONG! In one year, only if u do the right things . God bless
It's not healthy as shampooing can strip away natural oils, try co-washing. As long as your hair is nourished it should be fine.