Is straightening my coils the only way to trim split ends?

Remembering my grandmother's kitchen where routines were kept when it was time for the hot comb. I found myself purchasing a rinkey dink hot comb and attempting to straighten a section of strands of hair. With my grape seed oil and napkins to wipe the stemming hot comb then applying the simple air from my breath. I combed that hair and fumes ran through my entire apartment. Come to find out I had damaged those few strands and I found myself immediately trying to reverse the damage.  must be another way to trim split ends w/o any heat. 

1 Answer

SincerelyB, I had been putting my hair in finger coils to trim off split ends because the parts that need to go on my hair tend to stay straight and look "frizzy" compared to the smoothness of the other coils. My disclaimer is that I am more concerned about health and getting to a hair goal of at least being able to put my curly hair into a ponytail before I worry too much about shape/etc, so if you already have a cut that you want to preserve that may not be the best solution.Other videos that I found and have also used recently comes from curlypad off of YouTube.  She recommends trimming while your hair is in twists, or taking small sections and smoothing down the hair shaft until you can feel the rough part of the hair ends that need to go. I really liked this method as well. This was the video I found that prompted me to try something other than finger coils: hope that helps!