Itchy scalp especially after deep conditioning or not washing?

so my scalp doesn't itch all of the time but if I don't shower every day it itches like nuts at the base of my neck and just above my forehead especially. My hair gets really dry so I try to do deep conditioning treatments occasionally (I've tried honey, avocado, olive and argon oil based ones) which helps the hair but after my scalp itches SO much and I have to shampoo just to make it stop, effectively cancelling out the whole thing. I'm allergic to many things so it could be that but idk how to condition my hair without making my scalp crazy, any suggestions? oh I have somewhere between type 3a and 3b curls and a little less that shoulder length when curly (picture's a bit old)it seems to have gotten worse when I cut it off (used to be mid back length)

3 Answers

You need to see a doctor, that is not normal. 
It seems like your hair needs to be washed frequently in order to solve this problem. I see that you're worried about using shampoo too frequently because it dries out your hair and your hair gets dry easily. Have you considered Co-washing? Co-washing means washing your hair with a rinse-out conditioner instead of with shampoo. Since rinse-out conditioners are loaded with moisturizing ingredients as well as some cleansing agents, they are able to leave hair in a soft, moisturized and somewhat clean state, after being used. Some people wash their hair with only rinse-out conditioners all the time while others need to wash their hair with shampoo once in a while, after having washed their hair with rinse-out conditioners on numerous occasions , just to get rid of any dirt or product build-up or just for a thorough wash. I think that Co-washing will be highly effective for you because it will likely help with the dryness of your hair and you'll use shampoos less frequently. You can try it out to see if it will work for you. Some good rinse-out conditioners for Co-washing are "As I Am Coconut Co-wash and Herbal Essence Hello hydration" but I think that almost any good rinse-out conditioner, that isn't harsh on the hair, will do just fine.
Sounds like you have some sort of dermatitis of the scalp. I have a similar condition. Unfortunately, co-washing made my itching more intense so I shampoo twice to three times a week with a sulfate free shampoo. If it's really bad, I add a drop or two of tea tree oil to my shampoo and then wash my scalp. This soothes it quite a bit until the next wash.