I´ve been transitioning for 10 months but my new growth looks awful.

Before I began relaxing my hair type was between 3b/ 3c, but now that I began transitioning my new growth doesnt look like my hair before. I´ve been trying out products but nothing seems to help and its discouraging. A few weeks ago I bought the every strand shea butter hair revival treatment which is said to correct chemically abused or blow dried hair, but it has petrolatum as its first ingredient and im not sure if its the best product to use. What do you recommend? Help please =´( 

1 Answer

Honestly you need to be patient. It not only takes time for you to adjust but also for your hair to. Keep trimming the old damaged growth even uf doesn't look damaged. In time your original curls will form. Also keep scrunching after each wash and stay positive.