I've hit a rough patch with my awkward stage, multiethnic, 4B/2C hair.

Hey curly girls. Any help for a wavy haired natural? I'm multiethnic, and I'm on my third big chop. I was excited about gaining enough length to get past my TWA stage, but at awkward stage I am really struggling! My hair type is kinky wavy (4B throughout most of it) and randomly decides to be 2C in the back. O_o I'm so lost! I cannot get cute second day hair to save my life. Sleeping on it makes it matted and really not cute even with satin. The mix of textures and my new length has pretty much killed my afro and I already have "hang-time," but not enough to be shoulder length, and it looks so dull. Also, my waves are already extremely difficult to get any curl definition without ample product that weighs it down to my scalp. I've tried light product, but get no definition to my waves. Just an epic fail. I'm thinking about starting to co-wash my hair daily, just worried about the cost of using all of those products and the annoyance in how long it takes my hair to dry... What to do to get through this stage? I've given up here every time. ;( I'm determined to stay natural this time. 

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