I've realized my hair is not just one hair type, what products should I use? And how do I care it?

In the back my hair is softer and more silky curls are more defined as well as I go up it gradually gets thicker and curls are less defined, in some areas it just seems murkier and then in some areas its so different, what can I use to define my hair also, I also have dandruff, and is there any hair growth suggestions?

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To Your Different Textures: I have hair like that. The very back of my hair ("the kitchen") is silkier (not silky but silkier lol) than the rest of my hair. So is the front/ perimeter of my hair. The ONLY thing I do differently from the rest of my hair is use less product. The SAME product, just less in those areas. I would use as much leave-in condish, or oil. Because they hold moisture better. That being said, girrrrlUH lol it really just depends on your hair and how it reacts and what you know it needs. If treating it like the rest of your hair (like if it's fine when you LOC or LCO your other textures) is fine then keep doing it. Don't fix what isn't a problem if it isn't a problem lol. If it is, you maybe have to okay around a little with your hair to see what works and what doesnt.-Defining: Another thing that depends on your hair. Eco styler gel works awesome with defining my curls but I don't use it because it makes them crunchy. That can easily be fixed with some light oil but I am always too lazy to take that extra step.  As I Am smoothing gel works awesome for me in the winter and on not so humid days. It stays wet for longer than I would like but it works so well at defining all my curls without the crunch. Aloe Vera gel does absolutely nothing for defining my hair but helps with frizz lol. these are just some examples that work and don't work fr me. It's trial and error. I plan on trying out my own flax seed gel and also chia seed gel and see how those do too. -For hair growth: PATIENCE. lolConfidence.a satin scarf. Keep it moisturized.Handle with care.A hair vitamin (optional/ I use regular hair skin nails).Drink water.eat lots of green veggies.Consistency.hope this helps. xo