I've been using DevaCare products since June now, but my scalp is still itchy and flaky.

My scalp has been flaky and itchy since January now, and I don't know what to do. I stopped using the DevaCare line for 2 weeks and have been using head & shoulder along with Biolage hydratherapy conditioner, but so far no improvement. My hair tends to be frizzy, and I want that eliminated. I use a microfiber towel after I get out of the shower, and then I dry it for 30 mins under a cool temperature dryer. I'm sick of it being itchy, frizzy, etc. I don't want to have to spend a lot on products that might not work. And I know for a fact that co-washing will not work. Any suggestions or products that work for fellow 3A curl types? Also, I don't want to spend a ton of time on my hair in the morning. I already get up early enough to commute to school.

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I would first want to consult a doctor to determine if I had dandruff (a bacteria related condition) b/c then I could get proper treatment and relief! If it is not that, things that can exacerbate itching and flaking are washing with harsh detergents like sulfates but ALSO not washing frequently enough and loading on too moisture with oils, conditioners, milks, creams, etc. Doing this day after day doesn't allow your skin cells to properly slough off like they should when washed, co-washed, etc in the shower. I had a very itchy scalp from Deva Curl products and it became tender. Part of that I believe is due to some of the natural oils (peppermint and menthol, lemongrass, etc) b/c plant oils can be sensitizers for some people and some oils are more problematic than others. Make sure you are rinsing really well near your scalp and finishing with a cold rinse. For the frizz, I'd apply any styling product to sopping wet hair then scrunch your hair with a shirt which is even less frizz inducing than a micro fiber towel. Let air dry or diffuse. Scrunch or smooth over hair when done with a light bit of leave in conditioner on your hands (always avoiding the roots). Shea Moisture has a Dandruff control shampoo and I believe an accompanying scalp treatment. Then maybe co-wash between shampoos with a conditioner like V05, Suave Naturals or Tresemme Naturals. Hope you find some answers! Best ;)