J.R Liggett's shampoo bar

I have read your article on shampoo bar.  Can u give your in put on JR Liggett's shampoo bar?  Is it alkaline as I can't find this info in their web. Should I partner with ACV if it's alkaline?After sourcing for info in the internet, I am still confused if I should go for store bought sulphate free shampoo, salon sulphate free shampoo or go for natural ingredients shampoo like JR Liggett's.I am Asian from Singapore.  I have straight hair and Singapore has high humidity. I do color my hair.  It lacks lustre and its frizzy.  I won't use the word damaged but just stripped of natural oil after I wash.  It will look good on day 2 as the hair strand is coated with sebum. But Singapore is so hot and humid, we have to wash our hair regularly, at least every 2 days. So I do need to look for a shampoo that is gentle for daily washing yet will not stripped the oil.  JR Liggett's shampoo promotes this.  Yet, I'm afraid it might be too alkaline for the scalp.Really hope u can help.TIA!

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