Just got my hair cut, but my stylist used thinning shears! Help?!

I have type 3B hair and just went to get it trimmed because my hair has been very dry lately, and I thought it would help. I also got the Coppola Keratin Treatment in July, which my hair didn't take too well because there is no noticeable difference.My stylist cut my hair, taking off about an inch, and gave me long layers. She then blew out my hair, and noticed it was "bulky." She asked to use thinning shears on my hair because it would make it much easier to wear my hair curly. I agreed, not knowing the damage this does to curly hair. I am afraid of the consequences this will cause and I want to avoid my hair from looking awful.Does anyone have any tips as to how I can avoid making this the worst hair decision of my life? Such as what products would work best (my hair is dry, and frizzy, kind of poofy), how I should wear it, how long it will take for this to grow out?I currently use DevaCurl One Conditioner and DevaCurl ArcanGel, but they don't seem to be doing much for me.Thanks!

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