Just wondering

I was just wondering do any other people out there who have many hair textures how do you take care of your hair and I'm talking about like many textures up to like 4 or 3 cause I have 5 textures 2c,3a,3b,3c,4a and I was wondering how do you controls your frizz and do you think as my hair gets longer will I have a lot of frizz and will it be manageable.Oh and do you and enjoy your frizz and does anything good come out of frizz.Also I forgot lol do you think it will be very challenging for me to take care of my hair.

1 Answer

alot of people have mutiple textures on their head. For example I have 4a, b,c and even straight sections and the best advice I can offer is moisture control for frizz because thirsty hair equals frizzy hair. My best defense against the multiple textures is a combo of gel and a moisturizer. As your hair gets longer the heavier your hair will be so the less frizz you should see if moisture is consistent. A little frizz can add character to all kinds of style, especially if you like big hair. I believe with trial and error you will learn what your hair needs and loves. You will do great and I'm sure you're. Off to a good starr