My knotted ends?!!

*Forgive me in advance for this long winded storyIn the last 2 months, I have lost so much hair because of my hair being so knotted at the ends. Last month, I had a horrendous experience with my hair where I had to cut a a huge a portion of the hair in the back. I still had to rip my sections that would not come unknotted. I used Pantene's Co-Wash for the first time. I had layered carol's daughter shampoo and the Co-Wash together. When I tell you its like my hair was knotted so badly, it made me cry. a section in the back had formed a thick knot that felt like I had gum in my hair. I tried for hours to use a comb to find a opening and could not find a way to untangle the knot. It was the worst knot probably EVER. That section was rock hard. I had to cut above where it started. Besides that after that experience in the last month my hair has become so hard to untangle. I feel like I have lost so much hair. My hair is a mix of 3B and 3C. The front is has loose 3B curls and the back the ends are very 3C and become easily knotted. Detangling is a nightmare. I have always alternated from wearing my hair straight to wearing it naturally curly. For wearing it straight I usually went to a salon where they washed it, detangled it and used a blow dryer and then finished it with a flat iron. (Heat protectant was always used). I am very discouraged with my hair and I feel like the only way to make my hair less damaged again is to straightened it again. My hair was so much healthier when it was straight. Now, going fully natural I was losing so much hair from tugging on the ends/strands to untangle them. I was damaging my hair more from all the stress of my detangling. 

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