Lightest oils for fine thin hair?

I already tried coconut oil and my hair hates it!

4 Answers

What are you trying to use the oil for? If it's for styling then forget it as you don't have enough hair for that instead use a conditioner - either a specific leave-in/detangler or a little of your silicon-free rinse out conditioner. If you are using it for a pre-poo then you are probably using too much. You need the smallest amount in your hair and it should be concentrated at the ends of your hair as that is the oldest part. If you have some olive oil in your kitchen (it doesn't matter what type) mix a bit of that with the coconut oil and use it as a pre-poo. However again don't go mad with it only use a very tiny amount.  If you don't know what a pre-poo is then post the question on the forum and you will get a proper reply.
Pure Argan/Moroccan oil is light.
Olive oil !! Its lightweight and amazing!
please use this product ! It's really light weight on my hair and it leaves a nice sheen on my hair while moisturizing it .It was also only $5 so it was really worth it