No one likes my curly hair, what should I do with it?

Hi! I'm 100% Vietnamese and I have naturally curly hair. It's somewhat inconsistent around 3A at the top and 2C around my neck. Curly hair is frowned upon by the people in my life though. My parents say that it doesn't look nice and neat; my mom even tried to take me to the hair salon to get it permanently straighten. Even my friends at school say it look weird. They say it's frizzy and dry. Having all of these negativity about my hair around me has caused me to hate my hair A LOT. I was wondering if I should just allow my mom to take me to get it straighten or try to fix this mess. Since I only have around an hour in the morning to get ready, I tried solving the frizz by sleeping with a satin cap but it just left it flat, matted, and tangled. I also tried anti-frizz leave in conditioner and other products but it left my hair all hard and stiff. Can someone please tell me what to do before I just decided to shave my head??

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first things first, don't let anyone tell you there is anything wrong with the way you naturally are. A common idea is that curly hair is unprofessional or unkempt but that doesn't have to be the case. You deserve to feel good the way you were born without having to permanently alter yourself. That being said, the way you care for your hair can make a big difference in your appearance. Your hair sounds similar to mine, 3a curls but they flatten easy and so are generally less curly underneath. The first thing I would suggest is finding a salon near you that has someone who specializes in cutting curly hair. I'd specifically look for places offering the Deva method of cutting. This can be a little pricey, but it's super important to have your hair cut based on the actual texture of your hair. The person who does your hair will also be able to help suggest products and techniques a bit better after working with your hair. I have found that the only fool proof way to wear my hair down and have it look really nice is to shower in the morning. I use a wide tooth comb or my fingers to detangke INF the shower and I rarely shampoo. I also use a leave in conditioner after I get out, usually the Shea moisture brand or Cantu. it sounds like maybe you're putting too much if your hair turns out crunchy.I found I can make my curls last a few days if I put it up when I go to sleep. I usually very gently seperate my hair in half while I have my head upside down, and then section one half into half again and very gently take those two parts and twist them around each other. Figure out the direction your hair curls and make sure you do it in that direction. I do the same to the other half and then twist both halves together in the same way. Then I gently wrap it around into a loose bun and hold it loosely with a hair tie. In the morning it won't be completely perfect but I also use a leave in that comes in a spray bottle to moisten melt curls a little and reduce frizz for the parts that are problematic.I hope this is helpful! Also I hated my hair for the longest time and a big part of getting comfortable with it is forcing yourself to wear it natural and wear it down and embracing the texture instead of trying to Controll it.
I am nearing 30, but your post brought back some sad memories. I came of age when stick straight hair was the thing, and EVERYONE wanted to straighten my hair. I basically spent ten years (at least) pulling my hair back in a scrunchie. It also didn't help that these straightening treatments damaged my hair and made the frizz worse. Oh, and on the rare occasion my hair was straightened, the compliments rolled in like wildfire. I felt like my naturally curly hair was unacceptable.I actually did have my hair permanently straightened when I was a senior in high school. BAD IDEA, DON'T DO IT! It has been over a decade since I last had it done and I'm pretty sure there is still damage in there. I actually LOST some hair!My first piece of advice is to not listen to the naysayers. You are beautiful the way you are. Second, find a good hairstylist who will not resort to thinning and straightening your hair, a hairstylist who will LISTEN to you. Find good, moisturizing products--there are some that are budget friendly--you can even find some at your local Target or Wal-Mart--SheaMoisture, Suave Naturals conditioners, and some others. If you can make it to a local Sally Beauty Supply, even better.Also, I have a blog where I review budget-friendly curly hair items--you can check it out at :)
curly hair is beautiful those who think otherwise are probably jealous . It would be a waist if you do something to hide that beautiful head ,whatever you do don't do anything to it ,except keeping it curly And try to find ways for you to appreciate it look on YouTube for hairstyle or something that you think will look good on you be creative with it ,there is sooooooo many things you can do with curly hair do t iron it or something like that cause you will ruined it .Warned you