Little knots in my hair?

i keep getting tiny little knots ALL OVER my hair. Are these a sign of breakage? Do i need a trim? Will this prevent my hair from growing? Im worried pls help! 

1 Answer

If you are experiencing excessive knotting I definitely recommend a trim. The hair will break at the location of the knot in your hair strand. Spiral, more tightly coiled hair strands are more likely to develop knots because of the way the hair grows out of the hair follicle. When the hair is manipulated (pulled and released) the strands recoil into spirals and this can lead to entanglement. These knots will not prevent your hair from growing, but it will affect your length retention. To prevent these knots, avoid aggressive styling methods that involve frequent combing or manipulation of the hair that causes friction. Keep the hair well lubricated with light oils such as coconut oil or hot oil treatments using olive oil and jojoba oil.