LOC or LCO on 4c hair

2 Answers

Try both. See what your hair likes. The key is not "what works on 4C hair" in general. The key is what works on your 4C hair. You may have low porosity or high porosity, coarse or fine 4C hair that doesn't like LOC or LCO at all but just LO or just C. Only you can discover that by trying it out to see what your hair likes best. Don't feel like you're doing something wrong if what works for others doesn't work for you.I hope that helps! 
Hi,I'd say go with the LCO method, only because oil is supposed to lock in moisture, not actually moisturize your hair. I have type 4C hair as well. My routine is Aloe Vera Juice as my leave in, As I Am's Leave in Conditioner (I like to use two leave in's), Camille Rose Naturals' Curlaide Moisture Butter for my cream, and then about a teaspoon of my oil mixture to seal it all in. I tried LOC, but I didn't feel right putting oil on my hair for the second step.That's my routine, but you definitely have to try what works for you. Prispicacity is right, your hair might not like or require all of those steps. It took me months to finally settle on a routine that my hair liked. My hair is very thick and dry, and it loves thick butters and oils. Your hair might not. Even though we type 4C curlies share the same texture, our hair is unique and requires different kinds of love and care. I hope this helps you out a little.P.S. Here's a awesome video from Naptural85 on moisturizing natural hair.